Should I apply to School Board School?

We’re glad you asked! Check out the information below and if you are still wondering if you should apply, get in touch with us or come to an information session or office hours.



Who would make a good School Board School participant? 

Participants will be very different, with different backgrounds, skill sets, and experiences. But what they will all share is a passion for and knowledge about our community, a belief in the ability of all our district’s children, a willingness to learn, and a track record of having positively impacted our community in the past. 

Participants should also be excited to join us in our first year when we’re going to be learning. A lot. We want people who are comfortable with emergence and like building something out of nothing.

Participants need 5-10 hours a week to devote to the program. Some weeks, that will be time on your own reading and preparing for group sessions or meetings. But often, that time will be with the group. It’s important for participants to have flexible schedules during the day in order to attend board meetings and school tours. Remember, when you’re elected to the board, you’ll need a flexible daytime schedule and at least 10 hours a week (AT LEAST!) to devote to the work, so now’s a good time to start considering these variables.


If I haven’t decided yet if I’m definitely going to run, should I still apply for School Board School? 

If you are seriously considering running for a seat on the Cincinnati Public Schools Board of Education in either 2019 or 2021, you should apply. We’re looking for people who have put some thought and work into this question. Maybe you’ve gone to some board meetings, or talked with your partner about what it would mean for your personal life, or met with a past board member to start to get an idea of what the role requires. You don’t have to be sure you’re going to do it, but you’re on your way to making that decision and leaning toward “yes.”


Are there any hard and fast requirements?

Yep. To be eligible to run for CPS Board of Education, you have to live in the district’s boundary, be registered to vote in the district, be a U.S. citizen, and be at least 18 years old. Since School Board School is for people looking to run for CPS board, if any of these things don’t describe you, you shouldn’t apply for School Board School.

One other thing to consider is that participants will sign a media waiver so that we can share all the good stuff we’re doing with the world. That means you need to be okay with your participation in this program being public knowledge. We don’t want anyone’s boss or family to be surprised when they see a picture of you on a school tour during your long “lunch!”


Is the program open to anyone, regardless of political party affiliation? 

School Board School is non-partisan but participants must align with the vision and values of CPS, including those outlined in the below policies and resolutions.


If I want campaign help, should I apply to School Board School? 

Nope. School Board School will not be involved in political activity. Once participants decide they want to run for school board, they will connect with organizations that specialize in campaign work.