School Board School Overview

Thinking about running for CPS school board in either the 2019 or 2021 elections? You’re in the right place! 

School Board School is a six-month program for CPS residents who are interested in running for school board in the next 1-3 years. Through a series of workshops, panels, presentations, board meetings, tours, and collaborations, participants will gain many of the skills, experiences, and mindsets needed to be successful day one in the role. 



Why do we need School Board School?

Many organizations recruit people to run for office and help them get elected, but few organizations help prepare people to be effective once they are in office. Because terms in office are short and the job starts day one, there's no time for a learning curve. With the recent surge in interest in running for office, there are many people entering races that had not previously considered public office and may be unprepared to be effective in the seats they'll fill. 

School Board School provides training prior to participants running for office in the skills, knowledge, and mindsets needed to be effective day one in their role. The program provides opportunities to attend board meetings, visit schools, and engage with current board members, district administrators, and education experts, as well as helps ground participants in their values and motivations for this work. School Board School also provides ongoing support once participants are elected in order to continue to grow their effectiveness over time. 


School Board School specifically targets its recruitment efforts at constituents who have demonstrated their commitment to the vision and values of CPS, including the district’s focus on diversity, equity, and inclusiveness, and it is purposeful in building a diverse applicant pool so that our city’s school board reflects the diversity of our district.

School Board School will build a more qualified and diverse bench of equity focused elected officials who are not just ready to run but are ready to serve.

When school board members are ready to serve effectively, more children will have the opportunities they need to be successful and the entire community will be positively impacted. Stronger schools mean a stronger Cincinnati.