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The application has 3 parts. All parts must be completed and submitted electronically by Monday, June 24th at noon to be considered.

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Note: You cannot save answers and/or return to the form. We recommend you download the application questions here, work on them offline, and then paste your answers into the online form.

Part 3: Reference Form. Send this link ( to two references. Your references must complete and submit the reference form by June 24 at noon.

Note: References should be people with whom you have worked closely in the last 5 years (not family).


“School Board School has encouraged me to be a dreamer again and recognize that there are things that I can do that I didn’t even conceptualize that I could do but I now know that I can. One of the things I hold tightly to is that what you seek is seeking you and School Board School helped me find the place in my life to seek again.”

- Jasmine Coaston