The Who + Where

Who would make a good School Board School participant?

To improve outcomes for children and build a more just and equitable city, we must invest in the development of district leaders who reflect the diversity of the children we serve. School Board School specifically targets its recruitment efforts at constituents who have demonstrated their commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusiveness, and is purposeful in building a diverse applicant pool so that the district’s school board and community leaders reflect the diversity of the district.

While we focus on recruiting applicants of different backgrounds, skills, and experiences, all applicants share a passion for and knowledge of the community, a belief in the ability of all the district’s children, a willingness to learn, a track record of having positively impacted their community in the past, and a commitment to being “Ready to Serve.”


“In School Board School, you build relationships with a diverse group of individuals committed to giving our best to advance the education of our children. It's refreshing to be around positive people from all backgrounds.”

–Chanda Davis


Where is School Board School?

School Board School is currently focused on the Cincinnati Public School district, with plans to expand to other districts soon. If you are interested in bringing School Board School to your community, please get in touch with us at . We’d love to talk!

For the 2019-2020 class, we will accept up to five participants from other districts in the Cincinnati metro area who want to learn about the role of a school board member and apply what they learn to their own district.