When engaged citizens and aspiring school board members are empowered with the knowledge and skills they need to drive systemic change, every child will have the opportunity to succeed in school and beyond, and the entire community will be positively impacted.



At School Board School, we are activating a diverse network of engaged citizens and aspiring school board members to create significant and sustainable change in their school system. We prepare participants with the skills, mindset, networks, and experiences needed to be ready to serve as effective school board members and community advocates.


Theory of Action.

We offer interactive learning experiences with content area experts and create a community of engaged citizens who believe that every child can achieve and that it is our collective responsibility to build and support school systems that allow every child to thrive. To be effective in this work, we believe school board members and citizen advocates must be grounded in a strong sense of purpose and have a deep understanding of the most important issues affecting students in their community. They must listen to the needs of the school community, understand their roles, support their district and school administrations, build coalitions, and work collaboratively to pass and implement meaningful policies.


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